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Finding the Right Ladder

Ladders come in various form factors and specifications. There are ladders that are generally designed for use in most situations and then there are specialty ladders that are designed to accomplish a specific task. To help you find one that is right for your task, we have done some research. To find out, read on. 

To better understand which type of ladder is suitable for your use, it is necessary to know about the different kinds of ladders that are present in the market. Extension ladders, step ladders, rolling ladders, fixed steel ladders, work platforms and specialty ladders are some of the types that are present out there in the market. 

Extension ladders are the most common and versatile of all ladders are and utilized almost everywhere. They are commonly made of aluminum or fiberglass. If it’s of the aluminum variety, then it’s lighter than almost every other type of ladder out there. This makes it the ideal choice for the average person. Most of these ladders have a height range of 16 to 60 feet and weigh between 250 - 375 pounds. The weight capacity is often misleading as high quality are tested to hold at least four times there standard load. 

If task requires you to work near an electricity source or if you are supposed to work on one, fiberglass ladders are the way to go as to don’t conduct electricity, hence saving you from the threat of electrocution. Another safety function of extension ladders are the D rungs. This means that the shape of the rungs on the top side is flat and reduces the chances of you dis-balancing yourself. 

Another common type of ladder is the step ladder. This ladder’s design is universal. You can get a specialized one with a top that can hold tools. This helps you when you are working and saves you the hassle of carrying your tools and makes working from a ladder more convenient and safer. 

Another type of ladder is the rolling ladder. This ladder looks like a stairway on wheels. It comes in various configurations. You can get it with a deeper platform if you want to work from it. The standard stair depth ranges from 7 to 10 inches and a top platform of 14 inches. This also comes in an easy climb configuration. Another type of rolling ladder is the fold and store type. This makes the ladder easy to store and maneuver in tight and congested spaces. 

Fixed steel ladders are also quite in demand and are used to work outside buildings with the intent of maintenance and repair work. These are quite sturdy and robust. Take caution though if you are using one near an electricity source as it conducts electricity. 

The types of ladders and configurations available in the market are numerous. The right choice totally depends on the task that is being performed. For excellent quality ladders, you can purchase from numerous fiberglass ladder manufacturers as they are able to provide high quality ladders at cheap prices and also offer worldwide shipping, particularly, Jimmyladder.com.


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Published 09-Aug-2018