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Understanding the Many Aspects of Ladders

Ladders are a necessity in these modern times, be it for home use or for the work place. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with variation based on application and materials. For home applications, the ladders are mostly used for cleaning high places or for hanging pictures and other decorative pieces and even for electrical and other maintenance work such as roof repairs. As far as office use is concerned, ladders are used for maintenance, renovation, painting and if the company where the ladder is being used offers construction and development services, then ladders are considered a crucial component of its work and inventory and regularly maintained. 

There are various aluminum ladder suppliers and manufacturers that offer every kind of ladder that you can think of. They offer Aluminum ladders and ladders from wood, fiberglass, steel and stainless steel. Later production models are also offered in specialized roles. The ladders on offer from most manufacturers on the market come in numerous configurations. There are simple and basic ladders such as step and extension ladders and also specialized ones such as orchard, RV, library and aluminum foldable scaffold. There are also other kinds of ladders on offer such as fixed, foldable platform, multi position, and multi-purpose ladders. 

Most ladders that are being used today under any application is made from fiberglass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Fiberglass and aluminum being the most favored of the bunch. With Aluminum ladders being favored for due to its incredible durability, it’s used for most scenarios but it’s not unsuitable for use in electric work due to its conductive nature. It’s also sensitive to heat so it’s not used extensively outdoors during a heat wave or when temperatures are on the rise. Fiberglass on the other hand though has a similar level of durability with the additional advantage of non-conductivity and an enhanced level of heat resistance. They are also weather resistant to a certain degree. For home use, Wood is the prevalent material of choice for ladders as it’s cheap to get traditional wood ladders as compared to others. These ladders are used in lofts and attics. It’s not as durable and resistant to the elements as other materials though.

Step ladders are also frequented by consumers for home use as they are easily foldable, storable, convenient, and more importantly, cheap, compared to other ladders. They are suitable for reaching storage places that are high and for hanging pictures, art work and other decorative stuff. They are also usable for painting and other small maintenance work. 

For roof work, maintenance and major painting tasks, the step ladder falls short. For this kind of work, extension ladders are the right way to go.   This ladder can be set against a wall and configured to reach different levels. These ladders usually have rounded and narrow rungs to provide extra mobility while climbing. The extension is not a one fits all solution though. It cannot function for every task, especially for big tasks such as cleaning a windows of a building from the outside. For that job, Jimmy Ladder’s Aluminum folding Scaffolding ladder is adequate. 


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Published 08-Aug-2018