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Aluminum Ladder

Find Top Aluminum Ladder Suppliers of China Here!

Buy best quality, light-weight folding aluminum ladders from one of the leading manufacturers of China - Jimmy Ladder.  We offer all types of aluminum ladders at affordable prices.

Looking for multi-purpose aluminum folding ladders? We’re here to facilitate you with the best material in town. Our aluminum ladders are best to use for home and work. Since, it is made of an aircraft aluminum for strength, hence it is very light in weight. Each section attaches to section below by blocking the interlocked clips.

The one-piece base opens fast. No tools are required, braces just snap – on. Our aluminum ladder is six feet long, but we also offer eight feet, and ten-foot lengths as well to go higher in frames, braces on, and guardrails on the top outriggers on all four sides are easy to attach.

The platforms have 500-pound two-person capacity. Climbing on the inside of the ladder is a great safety feature, if you’re actually working up, there you use guardrails and additional braces.

Where & How You Can Use Our Ladders?

Our ladders are best to use for various applications such as; painting, building, and outdoor maintenance. Our top quality ladders are made with solid aluminum tube development. It can crease up without any stretch, with a stage in the center for simple stockpiling, and can be changed into seven unique developments to fit a tremendously wide range of works.

We ensure our ladders are multi-utilize stepping stool for home and business purpose, it is anything but difficult to collect by locks and pivot for extra safety. Suitable to use in any place and your work will be easier with this ladder!

Notable Features:

Our multi-reason step has breezed through EN 131-Part 4:2007 test standard, which demonstrates its quality and justifies us to be a reliable aluminum ladders suppliers. Some incredible features of our ladders are;

*  Our ladders are best to apply for security, its popular use in certain fields like: construction industry, firefighting, and chemical plant etc.

*  Aluminum is a bluish, silver-white material.

*  A ductile, metallic element with good electrical, thermal conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to oxidation.

*  It's a safe, economical tool to save people themselves earlier, a right product, a good choice for safe reason.

*  Light in weight, and space-sparing to capacity or transport

Physical Specifications:

Few physical specifications of our aluminum ladders are;

·         Material: Aluminum alloy complying with the suitable grade of IS 617:1975.

·         Silver: Blue, silver

·         Preferable height & dimension: Straight and extendable up to 20 ft. having aluminum channel of 90x30  mm with 63mm wide steps edging non-slippery

·         Load Capacity: Max.150KG / 330.69LB

·         Step Height: 29cm/1.42" "M"

·         Formed Ladder: 130 * 60 * 98cm/51.18 * 23.62 * 38.58"(W * D * H)

·         Wall Ladder: 266cm/104.72"(H)