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Fiberglass ladder

Buy Quality Fiberglass Ladder from Leading Manufacturers of China!

Jimmy Ladder is one of the leading fiberglass ladder manufacturers in China. We excel in providing what our customers are looking for. Our company was founded in 2003 at Wuzhong district, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

A Ladder is that climbing tool which is always required by builders, and electrical contractor for constructing a building, pruning fruit trees, changing a light bulb, completing home renovations, or general maintenance. It gives you quick and easy access to reach places.

However, the ladders which we provide, they stand for particular features and expand in multiple varieties including; fiberglass, single tower, all tower, and to name a few. Our fiberglass ladders are available in folding and extension form depending on user requirement.

What makes our ladder best – The particular features

Being a reliable, and top fiberglass ladder manufacturers, we make sure our product is always useful for both client and customers. Hence, we produce them as a versatile product, learn below how we do so:

The top protects working surfaces and has an increased contact area which increases the risk of slipping. This revolutionary top can also be used on corners and poles. It has a latch which provides an easy method of securing the fly and base sections when extended.

As one of the largest fiberglass ladder manufacturers are an ideal ladder for electricians as they’re strongly resistant to corrosion, easy to handle for its thermal insulation, and light in weight. They’re safe to use for their electric insulation and non-slip elastomer feet. Hence, it becomes an ideal solution in critical situations like; marine, chemical and out the door.

Uses, technical specifications, Benefits & other complimentary Features

Some notable, technical specifications of our provided fiberglass ladders include;
Load capacity can be 150KG
Insulating 220KV
High voltage
High strength

Uses of Fiberglass Ladders

Our scaffoldings and FRP ladders are that investment pieces that are going to be a reason for earning business revenues for a long time. Since they are strong and able enough to hold people as well as equipment; so they use for different conditions.

However, our ladders can be used for;
•    Roof repair
•    Painting
•    Cleaning out gutters
•    Hanging pictures

Overall, it can help in making any home improvement project easier.

How we make it Beneficial for you – Benefits of fiberglass ladder

Fiberglass has always been a dominant material over others and has been considered better from its competitor materials for its adaptability and versatility in different projects.

They are more secure to use much of the time and will make any home change venture simpler. Having a dependable stepping stool that does not take up excessively room is anything but difficult to discover.

 Some additional features of our fiberglass ladders

Some other complementary features of our fiberglass ladder include;

•    Semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum strength
•    Spring-loaded locking mechanism
•    Non-slip ribbing
•    Heavy-duty steel gusset bracing
•    Non-slip feet
•    Double riveted slip resistant ‘Traction-Tred' steps

What makes our fiberglass ladder different from conventional ladders?

Our fiberglass ladders stand unique than other conventional ladders in terms of:

Long life

* UV resistance

* Non-slip elastomer feet

* High corrosion resistance

* Working safety due to electrical isolation

         * Comfortable handling due to thermal isolation